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The “Decor My Interior” has always stood for its dedicated services, unparalleled quality and a strong propensity for continuous innovation in all its endeavors.

History of Excellence

Decor My Interior is a young and fast growing and prosperous company. To create something new, We first understand your requirements and try to fulfill them with the best possible solutions. Our team, consisting of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience and a rich supply of new, bold and interesting ideas.

We specialize in the Manufacturing and Assembly of structures of Metal and Wood. Here you can find everything you need for arrangement of the Interior, from the Front Door, Exterior Hard Wood Cladding, ACP paneling, Furniture and Finishing a wide variety of curtains for the windows, Pre-engineered porta cabins to Double mezzanine PEB structures, Cold Storage and Ware housing solutions are also provided with the help of our Tie Ups.

To support our clients' market and service needs, Decor My Interior is organized into practices, each charged with sharing innovation and expertise through an integrated cross-office, cross-practice exchange. This dynamic network ensures that new insights inform the firm's collective knowledge, creating value for all our clients, industry leaders and start-ups alike.

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